Hello! I'm Jon. I build .

Hello there! I'm Jon-Michael Lastimosa from Cebu, Philippines.
This site mainly showcases my portfolio as a web developer and graphics designer.

This site is currently under development. I've just revamped my site. I have lots of new portfolios to add(hundreds) which I'm still preparing them all for upload.

Unfortunately, I've been busy developing my own theme which I called 'Lastimosa Theme' and is based on Unyson Framework. I'll be giving this theme for free. Check it out in here.

I'm a Programmer

GW Basic was the very first Programming Language I've learned way back in 1995. I had an "Excellence in Computer" award when I graduated in High School because of my effective skills in Turbo C programming. That inspired me to take up Computer Engineering.

I'm a Designer

My grandfather is a sculptor and I love drawing. I've been playing around with Photoshop since year 2000 and has been improving my skills since then. Right now, I'm into Photography. I always love taking pictures and with my skills on post processing, I usually get appreciated.

I'm a Photographer

Learning is a never ending curve. I always try to learn new things. Things that I love to do. I love to take photos using my DSLR and share them online. I'm also into cosplay and loves to shoot cosplayers. My wife is a cosplayer and I make the customs and props for her. 🙂


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