I'm Jon-Michael Lastimosa from Cebu, Philippines. This site mainly showcases my portfolio as a web and graphics designer/developer. But I don't just limit this site just for my portfolio, you can also check out my personal blog and photography.

My passion with computers and with the web started more than a decade ago when we had our latest Pentium II computer(well, it was the latest at that time). Since then, I got hooked with using the computer. I've learned lots of stuff by simply using it. From word processor to C programming, there was no limit on learning. Well, I've also played a lot of games.

Using the computer was made even more fun when we had our dial-up modem. It opened our gateway to the web. That was before the year 2000, also the time internet cafe's with dial up speed began sprouting up. Since then, websites fascinates me.

I began making my own website on Yahoo Geocities' free domain using basic html codes. It was satisfactory for me at that time. With continuous research and Friendster's custom layout, I've learned CSS. But still things aren't really that nice looking. Then, I saw and observed a group in our school playing around with Photoshop 7. I didn't know you can create beautifully designed websites on Photoshop. I just thought it was only good for pictures. The technique at that time was slicing the image and using tables to form the layout(Now, I'm using divisions). I tried learning flash but I just don't seem to have the time to master it especially with Actionscripts.

I learned PHP way back in college and it was easier for me to master since I already know C++ programming and I'm very good at it.

After my college graduation in 2005, Content Management Systems, javascripts like jQueries and Prototype became my best buddies.