How to make a professional business card?

I have to mention the importance of business cards especially to all freelance designers. We know that this simple piece of paper is the key to success and can give us a “look” of a professional to any potential customer and it's definitely much better to say: “Write my phone on …”

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How to make your designs sellable?

In this post I introduce to you my points and views on how to make your design sellable. This way, I can help you do more with your job and make a better communication with the client.

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How to beat discouragement when working as a freelancer

In my site, I want to speak of designers and freelancers. I want to learn and teach what I know. I want to publish helpful articles for professionals and freelancers, and in this occasion I want to tell a post that talks about the causes of discouragement when working as a freelance.

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Things to remember before launching a site

I come across an excellent post that outlines 8 points that designers often forgot when creating a new site. Do we look at it? So often these are the kind of things that are inadvertently overlooked.

1. Include Google Analytics

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