How to improve your website if you’re freelancing

This is an article with 8 tips on how to improve your website if you are freelancing and I would like to share and tell you a little about these 8 tips.

1. Aim towards your target audience

The first thing to do is to look at the goal you want to achieve with your website. For example, some freelancers want to attract new customers while others want to focus on the customers who only see their work. Design something according to public purpose.

2. Professional design and update

We always aim to design professional, neat, basic, and the most important no need to fill the information site. Only show the latest works and the best and ensure that contact information is clear and accessible. A sleek, professional and sexy site can be very minimalistic but if properly designed could transmit trust with the customer visiting the site.

3. Texts care

Give some special care in drafting, maintaining consistency and good spelling. The texts should not be too long because no one will read. It should contain the most relevant information.

4. Multimedia Support

As websites are becoming cheaper and easier to integrate multimedia content, we must always remember to add some video information. The media gives the site a touch of animation, interaction with the visitor.

5. Use the blog

Blogs are helpful and allow direct interaction with the client or potential client. It is also one of the best ways to keep customers informed of any changes.

6. Integration of social networks

Being present in them will improve almost instant Marketing. At least be present in those more than million known social networking sites and your traffic will increase and will always be present.

7. Ease of use

Site navigation should be simple and intuitive. We should not complicate but to simplify life for users. They come to our site looking for a solution to a need and must find it fast and easy.

8. Build a relationship

It is an integration of the above tips. Have the contact information on hand visible to the user to find quickly, be present in social networks, respond to blog posts and keeping the site updated.

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    I just wanna ask question if you do lessons from a school as a web developer? And I need your advice what school you prefer here within cebu. I’m a graphic/web designer and i wanna learn web developing too. I believe ur a reliable deigner and developer. Thank you so much..

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