10 Important Questions you should ask yourself before you become a Freelancer

Freelance work is becoming more popular. Day after day I hear people switching to freelancing, regardless of several details of what this way of working means.

In this article, I found 10 strategic questions you should ask yourself before you became a freelancer. As always, keeping the subject of the article, I will give my opinion on each item, tried it, and I hope you readers will too.

1. Are you comfortable working alone?

It is perhaps one of the discussion that most interests me, because I, unlike most, went from working as an employee in a private company to freelancer and the question is: Are you comfortable working alone? You can organize your time, your schedule, your ways and places of work. It’s all at your pace that suits you and you tend to get used to be organize. You’ll gain and lose things in freelance like having peers, events or free coffee in the company. I think part of being a freelancer goes through the personality of each person.

2. Are you naturally motivated?

This article refers to being a freelancer allows you to organize and take your time but we must respect the customer. We must meet deadlines and take responsibility 100% alone for this is important to gain customers and to build confidence and satisfaction with them.

3. How much money do you need?

It is also important to calculate how much money we count all the months, weeks or years to keep our home, pay our taxes and food / dress / live in general. We should be clear that freelancers may be risky for some time and perhaps not something that generates a steady monthly entry. Another thing to consider is setting a goal, think how much you want to do, to work hard and achieve that goal.

4. What are your skills?

You should know what field you will develop and if you want to continue doing what you had been working. You could try to explore new areas. You should also consider whether there is a market for your job. If there’s no demand, you will not get customers.

5. What kind of job you want to do?

Will you be a generalist or will specialize in one activity?. Think of what types of clients will work for you.

6. Will you work locally?

Do not forget that the freelancer has the opportunity to work online and through this you can expand your customer base to almost anywhere in the world.

7. Do you have a good website?

This is a time where for any job or profession, it is very important to have an internet presence especially if you are a freelancer. You must have not only a website but a well designed website. It attracts customers that much.

8. Do you have a good working environment?

While being a freelancer can make you work at your home, your dining room or bedroom, it is good to set aside an office, a room intended for that purpose where you can concentrate on your work.

9. Where do you want to be in 5 years?

Setting goals helps a lot with your motivation and enthusiasm. Achievement is synonymous with progress and above of it all you’ll gain experience which is an important point for the freelancer and that selling point is also a plus in your end to have demonstrable experience in the field.

10. Should you Freelance?

This point is simply a personal reflection, thinking if you are really willing to throw the consequences of being a freelancer, and above all to assume the responsibilities you’ll have. Freelancing is serious, it is not for everyone, it is a way of working which if you know how to exploit, you can get much benefit.

Source: freelancefolder.com

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