How to make a professional business card?

I have to mention the importance of business cards especially to all freelance designers. We know that this simple piece of paper is the key to success and can give us a “look” of a professional to any potential customer and it’s definitely much better to say: “Write my phone on …”

This is why we must always remember their importance on reminding our customers. But above all, strive to create the card clearly, so this really looks professional.

Now, remember these key features:

Do not make the card at home: This goes for customers of the designer. It is ok if you have designed it on your home. But please do not print on your home printer, take them to print to a professional printer.

Make Your Own Logo: If you do not know to how to use clip art, best leave without Logo or make some kind of name with the initials of the person.

Put your name in the middle: The most important part of your business card is your name, put it in the middle of the card where the whole world could see and have a size that stands out the rest of the elements, but please do not exaggerate.

Forget your pager: Is it really necessary that all know your beeper number if you have given your mobile number? Keep the information relevant to the card.

If any information changes, throw it away: I know several cases they mark the information rather than make a new card. Believe me, this looks very unprofessional.

Keep the card simple: Placing a phone and an email address is sufficient, but remember to put the website address too. There are cards that look great without the physical address. But it is not necessary to remove this information.

Use both sides of the card: If needed, you can put information services on the other side.

Use the white part: The white represents a business card’s business.

Never leave home without it: I think there is no more to say about it.

So here you go, remember these things and you’ll have great businesses starting with your business card.