How to beat discouragement when working as a freelancer

In my site, I want to speak of designers and freelancers. I want to learn and teach what I know. I want to publish helpful articles for professionals and freelancers, and in this occasion I want to tell a post that talks about the causes of discouragement when working as a freelance.

While there are many factors that hinder the work on a freelance, one can depend on us, and by that I mean our state of mind when working.

Our mood can be influenced by factors such as:

Reviews :

It is impossible in this area of work not to have criticism, it can be both good and bad. In most cases, the reviews are not good because the customer did not like something or because someone did not get anything as they wanted. For any reason, criticisms should be taken as a constructive factor. It can make us improve and not get discouraged if we do not receive good reviews.

Personal Causes :

The life of every person is different from one another and often personal life has moments of difficulty that affects our work. The thing to consider in these cases is that everything happens, and after the storm, the sun rises.

Boredom :

Sometimes the work is similar, repetitive or routine and eventually we get tired and bored. Try to work something out in various ways to be always active and be more original and not get bored.

Health Issues :

It is very likely that sometime in the year we have health problems, albeit slight, we too are human beings. In those days in bed, we do not always feel our mind to tackle the job. I try to use those days to really clear out my mind so I can get back to work asap.

Overload :

Too much work can also vary our mood and everything can hurt us both mentally and physically. It can affect our performance to do good work and will eventually do a few bad work. By taking a few projects we can better focus on them, pay more attention, we will have more time to learn and know the customer and end up doing a better job.

Excessive Expectations :

Although our self-esteem is important, we should not raise false expectations with a project. For this I suggest you always do a market study covering the project, namely the extent to which medium can have the project and then if you try to improve it and make it grow, but do not generate excessive expectations from the start (which does not mean not be eager to do) to not let us down at the end and not get the spectacular results we thought we were going to get.

Perfectionism :

I think you should try to always improve, but never to the point of being obsessed with perfection and you never reach it and is more likely to leave things in half baked is not considered perfect. It’s better than not doing them well.

Comparing with others :

Not good nor healthy. One can admire the work of a colleague, but just enough to make an example and inspiration. We cannot do the same thing as they did because the techniques that work for some do not work for others and they will just end up frustrated and discouraged.

Pessimism :

Not all people are positive, there are many who are pessimistic and that makes it very difficult not only on work but life. Believe me when I say that while the world is not pink, it’s not black, nature is wise, some things happen as it should be and others can improve, let us focus on what is within our reach, covering projects that we know we can perform as successfully completing a project to increase our self-esteem.

Unrealistic :

Similar to create false expectations. We have a ground wire, something to remind us how far we can reach so we can work on projects that really are within our reach, and can successfully complete a job and not let down any customer or ourselves. Not bad, but always want to overcome specific and achievable goals.

These are the reasons to beat the discouragement when working. I think these will play the biggest roles. Trying to improve and change is always good.

Designing is like cooking. A good chef not only knows the recipe, for a delicious food to come out, it must be done with courage and love, and the designer is just the same … it is not enough to know the theory. We must practice, we have to like what we do, we have to be willing to implement the project, we need to be motivated to work as a freelancer.

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