Things to remember before launching a site

I come across an excellent post that outlines 8 points that designers often forgot when creating a new site. Do we look at it? So often these are the kind of things that are inadvertently overlooked.

1. Include Google Analytics

Whatever the statistics system we prefer, I personally have no doubt that this is the most reliable today. Installation is extremely simple and only requires us to login to our gmail and insert the analytics code to the site. Within hours, visits and general statistics of our website are recorded.

2. Browser Testing

We must not forget that while you may be able to use Chrome, some people still prefer Firefox, Opera or the worst (and let’s face it, especially in those who may not know too much about the Internet: p), Explorer. It is important that we take time to test our project in these major browsers, thus ensuring the desired cross browsing. For this we can use services like BrowserShots.

3. Testing on mobile

Smartphones are now everywhere and every day more people surf the Web and reviewing sites from this platform. So no doubt we added this to the list of points required before the official release of our sites. Mainly, the idea is that despite being a much smaller device than a PC, we can offer convenience and accessibility to the user.

4. Error Page

The page “default” error 404 does not look good and it is a must to create a page for everyone working in the field. Perhaps add links to other content can help the reader not to leave the site and can find something that interests them.

5. Meta description

Meta Descriptions and Meta tags are an important part in the positioning of a site, and always think ideally to pay attention to the given words.

6. Favicon

I admit that this is one of the most striking points. It’s annoying to enter a site and see that it has no favicon, thus, giving aspect that the site is not yet finished. A favicon is just easy to make and this image in the tab identifies the loading our site visually. DynamicDrive has an easily usable tool if you need one.

7. Site map

The sitemap will make our site properly indexed faster, something we all seek when we started a new project. There are several types of generators, and even WordPress plugins handle the job.

8. Validate HTML

A clean and valid code always improves the stability of the site as well also be a good place to improve the SEO aspect of it.

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